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Blue God – Strain Review


Blue God is a heavy indica that packs a punch!
Blue God is a heavy indica that packs a punch!

Type:  Blue God, indica

Uses: insomnia, severe pain, severe nausea, muscle spasms

Medicine Replaced: zoldipam, oxymorphone, ondansetron

Smell:  This strain smells like freshly mashed blueberries mixed with juniper berries.

Commentary:  Blue God tended to make  me more of a zombie, so it was a great night-time med, or something you want to do before watching a long movie.   This strain is reserved for super bad days, where I don’t have to function at all.  Unfortunately, it does make me very mindless, but so did several opiates!

LSD – Strain Review

LSD definitely opens up the mind!
LSD definitely opens up the mind!

Type: LSD, indica

Uses:  Insomnia, severe pain, nausea, spasticity, muscle spasms, neuropathy

Medicine Replaced: zoldipam, oxymorphone, ondansetron, gabapentin

Smell:  This one smells like grass after a rain.  It is very earthy without getting into the Pinesol category.

Comments:  LSD is a stronger cannabis that opens the mind a wee bit more than most.  I use this primarily as an insomnia treatment because it helps me ease into dreaming a bit better.    I would not recommend this if you are leading a meeting at work, or have anything important to do.    If I wasn’t so chronically fatigued, this would be a great one to camp with.  I could see it bringing the stars alive!  (Sort of)

Movies to check out

When watching these, I used  Netflix or YouTube.  If you have a suggestion,  name the movie!  These are some of the movies I watched when I started learning about cannabis!

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    • Strain Hunters
    • American Weed
    • Weed Wars
    • Weed Country
    • CNN’s Weed
    • CNN’s Weed 2
    • Clearing the Smoke: The Science of Marijuana
  • The Leaf

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Run From the Cure, Rick Simpson Story

Illegal Weed Misleads – why medical cannabis is different

My legal medical cannabis and vape!
My legal medical cannabis and vape!

The commonality I am seeing among folks in States that have not run a “Marijuana is Safer” campaign, is that not many people understand that regulated, medical cannabis is NOT the same Mystery-Weed you get in an illegal market.   Many claim to have smoked street weed in their hay-day without understanding the key differences between that and pharmaceutical cannabis.  So here are some myths debunked about the true nature of medical marijuana!

  1. Cannabis, like any other medication is not for everyone and roughly 9% become psychologically addicted.  This being said, cannabis doesn’t give you the physical withdrawal that things like hydrocodone do.  If it isn’t for you, this is absolutely OKAY, but keep in mind that the overwhelming majority react favorably so please allow it to be an option.
  2. Medical cannabis is usually meticulously grown specifically because of the clients.  If you have lung issues or any other serious issue – street weed has things like pesticides, plant product it is cut with, chemical fertilizers, and you have NO IDEA what strain you are getting.
  3. Medical cannabis is regulated so I can complain if I have an issue.  Patients have rights and can make sure the products distributed are top quality.
  4. Cannabis does not cause brain damage, and never has.  As a matter of fact, the US Government owns the patent on the neuroprotective properties of cannabinoids.  It is patent #6630507.  cannabinoid therapy has actually been shown to help protect other organs as well, including the liver.  Illegal cannabis has chemicals and all sorts of things that actually may hurt the body more than the cannabis will help.  Be mindful!
  5. There are kinds of cannabis that don’t get you stoned.  Several kinds of cannabis are now being bred for their CBD content, which is not psychoactive.  So strains high in CBD but low in THC still have healing properties, but no buzz.  Keep in mind THC is anti-inflammatory and a pain-killer in its own right, so don’t be too quick to dismiss the THC!
  6. There are different cannabinoids that can be manipulated to create a medicine that adjusts to you.  Because of the numerous strains with various chemical make ups, we basically have a pharmacy in a plant!  Be willing to use different strains for different things!
  7. In high doses, medicinal cannabis can be disease modifying for an autoimmuner.  Your endocannabinoid system regulates your immune system, so it makes sense to manipulate that with cannabinoid therapy.  Street weed won’t allow you to know what strain and effects you are getting and will not be able to provide you with quality medicine to treat the disease!
  8. Medicinal cannabis is not used for the high necessarily (maybe for mental issues like depression associated with autoimmune arthritis, but not for the AA symptoms)!  Most of us just use enough to function, so we use it like any other prescription.  While there is nothing wrong with recreational cannabis, the medical use is a whole different ball game.
  9. If you use medicinal cannabis correctly, you will not be couchlocked all day in zombie mode watching Cheech and Chong movies.  (Unless you want to.)  Depending on my symptoms, I adjust how much cannabis I use and how strong it is.    This means that most days, I am still doing all those things I did before and more.
  10. There are more ways to use cannabis than smoking!  For quicker relief there are inhaled methods like: smoking, vaporizing, and dabbing.  For more long-term, deeper relief there are ingested methods like eating an edible, tinctures, and oils.  For super high doses of pain killing cannabinoids, there are Phoenix Tears and juicing.  All as psychoactive as you decide it will be.


Hopefully this has helped to clear up some of the differences regarding medical versus illegal cannabis!