Life is Too Short for Dry Socks

Not many adults jump in puddles.  It seems that once we hit middle school, we are conditioned to conform to societal norms and shun anything that could possibly be deviant.  Therefore, things like puddle jumping become a thing of our childhoods.  But why?  Why do we stop playing in the rain or anywhere else for that matter?  There are certain aspects of our childhood selves we should keep, like the ability to dance in the rain or see the positive in what is perceived negativity!

Rain is going to happen.  It needs to happen for things to grow.  No human on this Earth has escaped the inevitable storms that rock our psyches.  Everyone will suffer.  Everyone will age.  Everyone will struggle with something.  Unfortunately, those with chronic illnesses seem to have hurricanes.  They find themselves drowning in other people’s expectations, their own expectations, their doctor’s expectations, and the glaring eyes of friends and family.  Because autoimmune arthritis is marginalized by so many including our doctors, we are forced to fight harder.  So hard in fact, that we forget to play.

Don’t get so wrapped up in what you cannot do that you ignore what you can.  So often we place our value in what we don’t have rather than those amazing things we do have!  Dare to enjoy something, despite the pain it will bring.  Jump in those puddles while you can.  Sooner or later everyone will lose that ability, we are just aware of that much sooner!  Jump, hike, paint, garden, color, and exist like today is the last day you have.  If you knew, I guarantee you would not spend that day moping about something you cannot change.  Treat each day as if it is the best blessing on Earth.

Life with autoimmune disease is hard.  Why make it harder?  Dare to be happy, and say FURA! 

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