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Mary’s Medicinals CBN Pen Review

Mary’s Medicinals CBN Gel Pen

Today is a gloomy day here in Colorado, so it is a great time to write a review.  Thankfully we are getting rain, because my plants really needed it!  There are so few bad days here, so I am just now writing this!

Cannabinol (CBN) is one of those compounds that is usually only found in small amounts within the flowers. and is the product of breaking down THC as it oxidizes.  According to Medical Jane, “Cannabis is widely used as a sleep-aid for those who suffer from insomnia and cannabinol is the reason why. By all accounts, CBN is the cannabinoid responsible for the sedative effects of cannabis. Because of this, I tend to reserve high-CBN strains for night use.”    PERFECT.  Insomnia is one of my biggest issues!

Over the last 2 weeks, I have been using the Mary’s Medicinals CBN Pen 5 days out of the week.  ( I wanted to have those extra 2 days as controls and to compare.)   The first thing that surprised me was the smell.  I actually think it smells really good!  No cannabis smell at all!   While I know some would love walking around smelling like their favorite dispensary, I am not one of those!  (Though my dispensary is my second favorite smell after coffee.)    The size of the tube is actually ideal for geriatric hands as well.  I can’t grip and am missing half my knuckles, so ease of use is important.  You can twist the base to lock and unlock it (hardest thing to do), and all you have to do is push up.

This is the hand that has to use the pen! They are actually beautiful now – 2 surgeries later!

This is a transdermal gel medicine, meaning it goes directly on the skin.  Their website has these directions:  Placed directly on the skin and gently rubbed in, the transdermal gel delivery method has the same bioavailability as our patch, but is faster acting and shorter lasting. Our gel pens are accurately dosed with 50 (2mg) pumps of active cannabinoids. Each gel pen uses our unique child safe dosing mechanism. Simply rotate the top portion of the pen clockwise to unlock the child safety mechanism, and back the other direction to lock it after dispensing.

After rubbing it on the tops of both feet and wrists/tops of hands, it took about 40 minutes before I noticed any effect.  I wasn’t high or buzzed, however my eyelids would start to feel heavy.   Of the 10 nights I used it, this happened all but 2.   When I went to bed, I actually slept longer by about 2 hours.  Normally, I am up several times a night and am an extremely light sleeper.  The nights I used the CBN, my first sleep was about 5 hours straight, compared with 3 hours on a normal night.  I also got back to sleep easier after waking.  Over all, I am highly pleased with this product!

The bad part was cost.  Unfortunately, this pen averages about $40 for a 50mg tube.  Using 8mg (my “just right” dose) a night adds up quickly.  Unfortunately, I am not sure how many patients are blessed with the finances to keep that up!  Maybe ending prohibition would drive the pricing down, so be sure to come out in support of green soon!  Health should not be cost prohibitive!

Urban Legend – Strain Review

Type:  Urban Legend, hybrid

Uses: moderate pain, muscle spasms, nausea, stiffness, nerve issues

Medicine Replaced: flexeril, muscle relaxers, NSAIDS, promethizine, gabapentin

Smell:  This strain smells more like hay with a nice hint of pinesol.

Commentary:  Urban Legend is a mild to moderate hybrid that I use for daytime muscle pain.  It seems to work well on some of the deeper pains, but doesn’t give me couchlock.  I would not use this for severe pains or anything that NSAIDS wouldn’t knock out.  It does relax the muscles more than other strains though.

Flo – Strain Review

Type: Flo, hybrid

Uses: anxiety, depression, nausea, moderate nerve pain, mild pain

Medicine Replaced: Zoloft, xanex, antidepressants, anti-anxiety, NSAIDS, gabapentin

Smell:  This is a very earthy, herby smell, mixed with lemon.  The initial vape taste was Lemon Pledge then just a culinary astringent herb like taste.

Commentary:  This strain creeped initially, and ended up settling in my head.  A wave of full body numbness set in shortly after, but this was a good type of numb.  Most of my nerve pain went away, though I am still a little head wonky right now.  (Pressure behind the eyes.)  I wouldn’t recommend this for bone or muscle pain, but is a good daytime strain if you are having nerve or anxiety/depression issues.  It definitely is a high-energy, uplifting strain.

Big Black – Strain Review

*I don’t have a picture of the Big Black, so enjoy this hilarious meme instead.

Type: Big Black, indica

Uses: moderate pain, moderate nausea, mild insomnia

Medicines Replaced:  zofran, hydrocodone, OTC sleep aids

Smell:  This smells like cut lawn grass.  Has very light terpene profile.  Almost made me think it was not truly cannabis.  Tasted the same way.

Commentary:  This really had me skeptical from the get go, but actually delivered some decent relief for some of my more moderate symptoms.  I was hoping it would be an insomnia one, but my insomnia is insane insomnia.  I could definitely see this being used for digestive issues of a more annoying sort!

Grapefruit – Strain Review

Type:   Grapefruit, sativa

Uses: fatigue, moderate pain, spasms, neuropathy, nausea

Medicine Replaced: energy drinks, caffeine, gabapentin, NSAIDS

Smell:  This actually truly smells like grapefruit!  Easiest strain smell ever.

Commentary:  This sativa feels a wee bit stronger than most, making it ideal for when you will be in one place but need to get work done.  I am not getting extra bone pain from this sativa, so it is being added to my arsenal!  I would not use this for anything more than what a Celebrex or low dose tramadol would cover, but at that point I am going to be vegetating anyways.

Armageddon – Strain Review

Type:  Armageddon, indica

Uses: moderate pain, neuropathy, spasms, nausea, digestive upset

Medicine Replaced:  gabapentin, tramadol, ondansetron

Smell:  This has a fruity smell to it, with undertones of pine and old cedar barn.  Yes, I just wrote that.  It kind of reminds me of walking into an old, dusty barn with fruit in it.

Commentary:  I really like Armageddon, but this is only one I can use when I am at home.  Sometimes it can be a bit spacy, so if you are having “a day”, then throw on some movies and use some Armageddon.   This one is a good night-time one for settling down, or when you are too sore to do anything else.   The pain relief aspect of this is almost a numbing effect, rather than actual pain killing.  I can feel the tense muscles, but not the pain from them.  Whatever I did to my neck feels especially better!

Lucy – Strain Review

Type: Lucy, indica (CBD 9%)

Uses: inflammation, nausea, mild to moderate pain, spasms, mild neuropathy

Medicine Replaced: NSAIDS, promethazine, gabapentin

Smell:  Lucy smells more like dried parsley than a strong skunk, and is very light on the nose.

Commentary:  I usually will mix Lucy with another strain depending on my pain levels.  Sometimes I need more pain relief, but I find Lucy helps with the inflammation significantly.  CBD’s definitely increase my pain relief and disease control, so I highly recommend keeping a couple on hand if you can!   Keep in mind, these are not designed for a high.


Critical Plus – Strain Review

Type: Critical Plus, sativa dominant hybrid

Uses: fatigue, moderate pain, anxiety, depression, nausea, mild neuropathy

Medicine Replaced: caffeine, NSAIDS, celebrex, xanex, ondansetron, gabapentin

Smell: Critical Plus smells like a crushed up tomato plant, with a slight pungency to it.

Commentary:  My budtender refered to this as “Clean Your Kitchen” rather than Critical Plus, and she was right.  I literally cleaned my kitchen, then destroyed my work cooking.  Then I cleaned it again.  Since you don’t know me, this is RARE.  The Critical Plus took care of all my pain up until the moderate level, but left me with energy to function.

Lemon Skunk – Strain Review


Type: Lemon Skunk, sativa

Uses:  fatigue, anxiety, depression, mild to moderate pain

Medicine Replaced:  xanex, NSAIDS, ant-idepression, anti-anxiety

Smell:  Lemon Skunk has a wee bit of citrusy smell (remember my terrible nose) but with a good dose of pinesol.

Comments: This is one of the better strains for fatigue or anxiety/depression.  It is one that will leave you feeling energized and creative, but without paranoia and jitters.  Not one I would recommend for pain relief or neuropathy.

Blue God – Strain Review


Blue God is a heavy indica that packs a punch!
Blue God is a heavy indica that packs a punch!

Type:  Blue God, indica

Uses: insomnia, severe pain, severe nausea, muscle spasms

Medicine Replaced: zoldipam, oxymorphone, ondansetron

Smell:  This strain smells like freshly mashed blueberries mixed with juniper berries.

Commentary:  Blue God tended to make  me more of a zombie, so it was a great night-time med, or something you want to do before watching a long movie.   This strain is reserved for super bad days, where I don’t have to function at all.  Unfortunately, it does make me very mindless, but so did several opiates!