FAQ and Tips

Below are some tips about frequently asked questions when it comes to medical marijuana.  Some of these are based on a medical patient’s first exposure to medical marijuana as an option.  This will be updated as I get more questions!

  1. REMEMBER MARIJUANA, MEDICAL OR NOT, IS STILL ILLEGAL.  Your state laws don’t protect you from federal prosecution.  There have been times that the Federal Government has come in and prosecuted medical patients and their caregivers.   Sometimes even local law enforcement does.  Take the case of Bob Crouse who lives in Colorado Springs.  The leukemia patient was not only in the fight for his life, but for his freedom at the same time.  Not once did he violate his legal doctor recommendation.  Read here about his fight and the verdict! http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2012/07/03/bob-crouse-leukemia-patie_n_1647445.html
  2. Never medicate and drive.  Just like with opiates, you never know how you are going to react to medicating.  Always try a new strain or method of intake on a day when you have nothing to do but eat leftovers and catch up on your shows!  I am sure there is a campy movie in the house that might just seem a tad bit funnier if you watch it after medicating!
  3. Vary your medicine.  Don’t become too dependent on one strain.  With any pharma, sometimes you want to change things up.  This makes sure that you don’t build tolerances to certain strains, and you are always giving your body different ratios of cannabinoids.  If you are fighting an illness, you don’t want the illness to adapt to the cannabinoid treatments.  Always try to have several strains to treat the same thing.  For example – to combat a fever, you probably have acetaminophen and ibuprofen.  Diversify your dank!
  4. Study the smells of strains!  Terpenes are the chemicals that cause the aroma in cannabis.  These chemicals interact with the cannabinoids to define various effects.  That means that strains that smell similar, act similar on your body.  Everyone is different, but this is a good way to start finding things when you begin.  Memorize the effects a particular smell has on you.  Search for various strains with similar smells to vary your medicine.
  5. Grasp ganja genetics!  Once you have a couple strains in your medicine cabinet, another great way of increasing the odds of finding strains with like effects, is to study genetics.  Search the internet for information about your strain.  Often you can find the parents of your strain, and any it has mothered.  Since these are coming from the same genetics, theoretically the effects should be similar.  Theoretically.  Be sure to read reviews to be sure.
  6. Invest in a lock box for all medications – cannabinoid and other.  This is a budding field, so we need to take all precautions as patients to be responsible.  If you live with anyone else, please go online and purchase a locking medicine box big enough to hold your medication and one for your paraphernalia.

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