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Grapefruit – Strain Review

Type:   Grapefruit, sativa

Uses: fatigue, moderate pain, spasms, neuropathy, nausea

Medicine Replaced: energy drinks, caffeine, gabapentin, NSAIDS

Smell:  This actually truly smells like grapefruit!  Easiest strain smell ever.

Commentary:  This sativa feels a wee bit stronger than most, making it ideal for when you will be in one place but need to get work done.  I am not getting extra bone pain from this sativa, so it is being added to my arsenal!  I would not use this for anything more than what a Celebrex or low dose tramadol would cover, but at that point I am going to be vegetating anyways.

Critical Plus – Strain Review

Type: Critical Plus, sativa dominant hybrid

Uses: fatigue, moderate pain, anxiety, depression, nausea, mild neuropathy

Medicine Replaced: caffeine, NSAIDS, celebrex, xanex, ondansetron, gabapentin

Smell: Critical Plus smells like a crushed up tomato plant, with a slight pungency to it.

Commentary:  My budtender refered to this as “Clean Your Kitchen” rather than Critical Plus, and she was right.  I literally cleaned my kitchen, then destroyed my work cooking.  Then I cleaned it again.  Since you don’t know me, this is RARE.  The Critical Plus took care of all my pain up until the moderate level, but left me with energy to function.