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Armageddon – Strain Review

Type:  Armageddon, indica

Uses: moderate pain, neuropathy, spasms, nausea, digestive upset

Medicine Replaced:  gabapentin, tramadol, ondansetron

Smell:  This has a fruity smell to it, with undertones of pine and old cedar barn.  Yes, I just wrote that.  It kind of reminds me of walking into an old, dusty barn with fruit in it.

Commentary:  I really like Armageddon, but this is only one I can use when I am at home.  Sometimes it can be a bit spacy, so if you are having “a day”, then throw on some movies and use some Armageddon.   This one is a good night-time one for settling down, or when you are too sore to do anything else.   The pain relief aspect of this is almost a numbing effect, rather than actual pain killing.  I can feel the tense muscles, but not the pain from them.  Whatever I did to my neck feels especially better!