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Flo – Strain Review

Type: Flo, hybrid

Uses: anxiety, depression, nausea, moderate nerve pain, mild pain

Medicine Replaced: Zoloft, xanex, antidepressants, anti-anxiety, NSAIDS, gabapentin

Smell:  This is a very earthy, herby smell, mixed with lemon.  The initial vape taste was Lemon Pledge then just a culinary astringent herb like taste.

Commentary:  This strain creeped initially, and ended up settling in my head.  A wave of full body numbness set in shortly after, but this was a good type of numb.  Most of my nerve pain went away, though I am still a little head wonky right now.  (Pressure behind the eyes.)  I wouldn’t recommend this for bone or muscle pain, but is a good daytime strain if you are having nerve or anxiety/depression issues.  It definitely is a high-energy, uplifting strain.