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Blue God – Strain Review


Blue God is a heavy indica that packs a punch!
Blue God is a heavy indica that packs a punch!

Type:  Blue God, indica

Uses: insomnia, severe pain, severe nausea, muscle spasms

Medicine Replaced: zoldipam, oxymorphone, ondansetron

Smell:  This strain smells like freshly mashed blueberries mixed with juniper berries.

Commentary:  Blue God tended to make  me more of a zombie, so it was a great night-time med, or something you want to do before watching a long movie.   This strain is reserved for super bad days, where I don’t have to function at all.  Unfortunately, it does make me very mindless, but so did several opiates!

LSD – Strain Review

LSD definitely opens up the mind!
LSD definitely opens up the mind!

Type: LSD, indica

Uses:  Insomnia, severe pain, nausea, spasticity, muscle spasms, neuropathy

Medicine Replaced: zoldipam, oxymorphone, ondansetron, gabapentin

Smell:  This one smells like grass after a rain.  It is very earthy without getting into the Pinesol category.

Comments:  LSD is a stronger cannabis that opens the mind a wee bit more than most.  I use this primarily as an insomnia treatment because it helps me ease into dreaming a bit better.    I would not recommend this if you are leading a meeting at work, or have anything important to do.    If I wasn’t so chronically fatigued, this would be a great one to camp with.  I could see it bringing the stars alive!  (Sort of)

Cherry Slider x Grape God Caviar – Caviar Review

This is "caviar", which is infused with hash oil and rolled in keef!
This is “caviar”, which is infused with hash oil and rolled in keef!

Type: Cherry Slider x Grape God, caviar

Uses: insomnia, severe pain, severe nausea, severe spasms

Medicine Replaced:  sleep aids, zofran, oxymorphone

Smell:  This has a strong smell of hash oil, but absolutely smelled like cherry!

Commentary:  Save this for your most severe symptoms.  You will be stoned after!  This is the next step when even the stronger strains aren’t working.  I did use this for some nights when I was seriously awake and needed to sleep.  I have not used this during the day because it is very strong!  Know that caviar vaporizes at a lower temperature, so adjust your temps if you are vaporizing!


Colorado Crippler – Strain Review

I don’t have a photo, which means I need to get more! 😉

Type:  Colorado Crippler

Uses:  Insomnia, muscle spasms, nerve issues, moderate pain

Medicine Replaced: zofran, gabapentin, prescription NSAIDS

Smell:  This has a very spicy smell to it, but has some pine undertones.  This one smells like Alien OG a little.

Commentary:  Colorado Crippler is a fantastic strain for any moderate to severe symptoms.  I would use this mostly for withdrawal symptoms when my arms would start burning.  It would relax the body and restore the nerve functioning rather quickly.  It didn’t work for my most severe symptoms, but this is great when you have something that needs more than a light strain!

Master Kush – Strain Review


Took this photo from Nuggetry since my camera is shot!
Took this photo from Nuggetry since my camera is shot!

Type:  Master Kush, indica

Uses:  severe pain, severe nausea, headaches, insomnia, muscle spasms, spasticity

Medicine Replaced:  zofran, sleep aids, hydrocodone, oxycodone

Smell:  Master Kush has an earthy smell with more wood like overtones.  Smells like a good Kush!

Commentary:  With Master Kush it took 2 times before I really could judge the usefulness of it.  I found it to be a stronger head buzz than some of the strains I use, so I reserve this for severe days.  That being said, it has helped curb the pain that WAS helped by opiates.  I highly recommend using this for anything severe or at night.  This is a strain that you won’t be as functional on, so be mindful.  It definitely relaxes the body and dulls any muscle pains.  So far ALL cannabis has been great for nausea, but this is especially good for the severe times!


Purple Trainwreck – Strain Review

This is a great indica for pain!  Purple Trainwreck is a valuable medicine for anyone with chronic pain.
This is a great indica for pain! Purple Trainwreck is a valuable medicine for anyone with chronic pain.

Type: Purple Trainwreck,  indica

Medicine replaced: Vicoden, NSAIDS, oxycodone, muscle relaxers

Uses: severe pain, migraines, insomnia, neuropathy, muscle spasms, PMS, nausea

Smell:  This strain has a smell more reminiscent of your spice cabinet.

Commentary:  Purple Trainwreck is a great strain for pain.  It relaxes all the muscles and dulls any pains in the body.   On days where you are having severe pain, this strain is nice to have in the cabinet.   Sometimes, if I need extra relief during the night – I mix this with Alien OG.  The pain relief of the purples is really fantastic.   It does tend to come on a little slower, so be careful.  Start small and wait in between draws.  You don’t want to over consume, else you will be in for a nap!

Nehi Grape – Strain Review

Unfortunately I have no picture since this was the first on the journey.  If I come across it again, I will take a photo!

Type: Nehi Grape, indica

Uses:  insomnia, severe pain, muscle spasms, neuropathy, severe nausea, head aches, migraines

Smell:  This had a piney smell that I was told should smell like carbonated grapes – but I have never been able to really smell any grape-ness.  To me, it smelled like spiced pine needles.  LOL.  This was the first strain I tried in my MMJ journey, so I didn’t really anticipate I would be writing about it.

Commentary:  Like I said, this was the first strain I tried on this journey.  I got this at a recreational dispensary in the form of a pre-rolled joint.  Instead of smoking it, I put it in my Atmos Jr., but it did end up combusting.   The point of getting this was to combat withdrawal, but I found that it was nice before bed.  After no more than 5 “hits”, I was ready for bed.  This particular strain caused my muscles to relax nicely – I almost couldn’t feel them.  The bone on bone pain was very pronounced though.  I think this may have relaxed the strongest pain, which brought awareness to an underlying pain.  This was the first good night sleep I had in over 4 years!

Plushberry – Strain Review

Plushberry is a great pain reliever
Plushberry is a great pain reliever

Type:  Plushberry, indica

Uses:  moderate to severe pain, insomnia, neuropathy, muscle spasm

Smell:  Plushberry smells like a tomato plant with a hint of grape at the end.  It actually smells like the peel of a grape – if that makes sense!


Plushberry should be used like an oxycodone or in the place of a sleeping pill.  It provides fantastic pain relief, but does have a “buzz” effect so don’t use before important events.  This is a good strain to have in the medicine cabinet for those days when the pain is overbearing and one needs a muscle relaxer.   I could see this being used for MS, Lupus, RA, and any illness with chronic stiffness/pain.    One of my favorite aspects of Plushberry is that it treats the anxiety associated with intense pain too.  After using it, usually I feel quite happier and at ease, despite pain.

Granddaddy Purple – Strain Review

Granddaddy Purple is a great indica for severe pain and insomnia.
Granddaddy Purple is a great indica for severe pain and insomnia.

Type:  Granddaddy Purple, indica

Uses: moderate to severe pain, nausea, insomnia, neuropathy, muscle spasms

Smell: GDP smells like grapes on the vine or how a tomato plant smells.  You have the herby smell, but there is a fruity smell to it. One smells the herb first (not overly pungent) then the fruity scent is almost an after thought.

Commentary:  Granddaddy Purple tastes like a nutty black spice tea.  I would use this instead of a muscle relaxer or a hydrocodone.  It vaporizes on a lower temperature, so be careful to not burn it.  This strain takes about 10 minutes to realize the full extent of the effects, so also be mindful not to over indulge.  If you do, I am sure there is a pizza, couch, and a couple of movies that will gladly sacrifice themselves for your swift recovery.   Other than that, there won’t be any lingering ill effects.  GDP is a potent strain and currently my second favorite for pain relief.