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Grapefruit – Strain Review

Type:   Grapefruit, sativa

Uses: fatigue, moderate pain, spasms, neuropathy, nausea

Medicine Replaced: energy drinks, caffeine, gabapentin, NSAIDS

Smell:  This actually truly smells like grapefruit!  Easiest strain smell ever.

Commentary:  This sativa feels a wee bit stronger than most, making it ideal for when you will be in one place but need to get work done.  I am not getting extra bone pain from this sativa, so it is being added to my arsenal!  I would not use this for anything more than what a Celebrex or low dose tramadol would cover, but at that point I am going to be vegetating anyways.

Armageddon – Strain Review

Type:  Armageddon, indica

Uses: moderate pain, neuropathy, spasms, nausea, digestive upset

Medicine Replaced:  gabapentin, tramadol, ondansetron

Smell:  This has a fruity smell to it, with undertones of pine and old cedar barn.  Yes, I just wrote that.  It kind of reminds me of walking into an old, dusty barn with fruit in it.

Commentary:  I really like Armageddon, but this is only one I can use when I am at home.  Sometimes it can be a bit spacy, so if you are having “a day”, then throw on some movies and use some Armageddon.   This one is a good night-time one for settling down, or when you are too sore to do anything else.   The pain relief aspect of this is almost a numbing effect, rather than actual pain killing.  I can feel the tense muscles, but not the pain from them.  Whatever I did to my neck feels especially better!

Lucy – Strain Review

Type: Lucy, indica (CBD 9%)

Uses: inflammation, nausea, mild to moderate pain, spasms, mild neuropathy

Medicine Replaced: NSAIDS, promethazine, gabapentin

Smell:  Lucy smells more like dried parsley than a strong skunk, and is very light on the nose.

Commentary:  I usually will mix Lucy with another strain depending on my pain levels.  Sometimes I need more pain relief, but I find Lucy helps with the inflammation significantly.  CBD’s definitely increase my pain relief and disease control, so I highly recommend keeping a couple on hand if you can!   Keep in mind, these are not designed for a high.


Waltz – Strain Review

Waltz is excellent for mmoderate pain and symptoms!
Waltz is excellent for moderate pain and symptoms!

Type: Waltz, indica dominant hybrid

Uses: moderate pain, moderate nausea, muscle spasticity, spasms, headaches, migraines, insomnia

Medicine Replaced:  zofran, hydrocodone, oxycodone, muscle relaxers, sleep aids

Smell:  Smells like an OG indica with a strong, earthy smell.

Commentary:  Similar in effect to Northern Lights for me.  I found Waltz very helpful on days that were a bit rough.  I would add it to my CBD strains and use it in the late afternoon after my aches were going good.  Worked wonderfully, and if you aren’t me – it would be a great one for insomnia.  I need things that stun mules.

Fire OG – Strain Review

Fire OG is a powerful indica that can be used for daytime pain in small doses and insomnia in higher doses.
Fire OG is a powerful indica that can be used for daytime pain in small doses and insomnia in higher doses.

Type:  Fire OG, indica

Uses:  moderate to severe pain, severe nausea, migranes, insomnia, seizures, spasms, neuropathy

Medicine Replaced:  oxycodone, oxymorphone, morphine, lorazapam

Smell:  Almost like smelling fresh ground parsley with a hint of fruit rind.

Commentary:  Fire OG is a really gentle medicine for severe symptoms and sleep.  This is one of the premier pain relief indicas, but will cause couch lock in high doses.  For insomnia, higher doses are much gentler and restful sleep than sleeping pills.  Waking up the next morning is hangover free if vaporizing flower.   A couple of times, after just a few draws, I have been able to write or clean after using Fire OG to medicate.

Cannatonic – Strain Review

Cannatonic is a daytime use, high CBD strain
Cannatonic is a daytime use, high CBD strain

Type: Cannatonic, hybrid

Uses: brain fog, anti-inflammatory, minor to moderate pain relief, spasms, migranes, neuropathy.

Smell:  Typical tomato/pine scent that most CBD strains have.  Very light on the nose, not overwhelming at all.

Commentary:  Just a couple minutes ago I vaporized some Cannatonic for my back.  The lower back has been quite painful for the last 2 days and I have been needing some relief.  I have taken all the narcotic I care to, and decided to try the Cannatonic for this stronger pain.  It performed beautifully!  This and Harlequin are my NSAID strains.  The THC/CBD are 1:1 so there is very little psychoactive effect in Cannatonic.  After about 10 minutes, any “buzz” you had will be gone and your brain will actually be quite clear.  This is a fantastic daytime strain, but one you should have in your medicine cabinet at all times.  The CBD acts as an anti-inflammatory, so as a preventative measure, a high CBD strain/edible should be used everyday as part of a long term treatment plan.